Yes, I used the word “treats” in the description. Why? Because naming this sections “an occasional small, sweet meal” doesn’t sound very attractive. No, you shouldn’t reward yourself with food. Ever! Treat yourself with a massage, new workout gear, movie tickets, whatever, just not food. After all, we are trying to build good habits here and we are not animals to get treats for a job well done!

Ok, enough talk, let’s look at what we have here! In this section you will find a number of sweet, high protein recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Ideally these foods would be consumed after a long grueling workout or a long run. …how many of us live an ideal life, though? That’s what I thought!

We like to be prepared for the worst case scenario and when you know that you will be craving sweet treats, these are much better than a dozen donuts or a cupcake binge.

Healthy Desserts: Protein Fluff

My life was forever changed when I discovered protein fluff. It is satisfying, easy to make, offers a great variety of flavor, tastes kind of like ice cream with none of the guilt. The moment I learned how to make it, I was hooked. Yes, it is a bit more time intensive than just grabbing […]

Healthy Desserts: Skinny Flan

I am no stranger to sweet cravings. I know how it goes… One minute you are sitting on your couch, covered in a fluffy blanket, relaxing, maybe watching some TV and all of a sudden this horrible craving for chocolate hits and you are pretty sure that you are going to lose your mind unless […]

Healthy Frozen Treats

Although fall is in the air, it’s still pretty hot in here in Georgia so I decided to help us all cool off while getting in the mood for fall. Well, kind of… Anyway, last week I posted a blog about creating coffee house beverages right in your own kitchen, and this week I’d like […]