Salads are a great way to add a variety of nutrients to your diet. These fairly low calorie, quick, and fresh dishes pack a lot of flavor into a lot of food. Salads generally get a bad reputation as a boring diet food since they are the go-to dish of almost every extreme diet.

Here, at Fierce Miles, we are breaking that stereo type. A salad isn’t just a bunch of boring lettuce anymore! Add some protein, spicy peppers, capers, pickled onions, blenched asparagus, grilled peppers, roasted tomatoes, grilled lemon, boiled eggs, nuts, and seeds and the possibility become endless.

Forget the traditional lettuce and dressing, let’s toss things up a little!

Fit Brunch: Easy Hash Bake

The holidays are here. Yay? Don’t worry guys, I’m joking. I am just as excited about spending time with my family and friends as the next normal person in this country ;). Many households are filling up with cheer and many of us are having holiday parties. If you party like we do, there are […]

Fancy Rancher’s Omelet

Who said anything about dieting being boring? Just because you are prepping for a show, a race, or just simply want to lose weight, doesn’t mean that you have to suffer with bland and dull food. I’m here to tantalize your taste buds with this southwest inspired Rancher’s Omelet. Here’s a dish that packs a […]

Salmon Frittata

When I cook salmon, I always make sure that I make an extra portion just so I can make this recipe for breakfast (or brunch). It is so easy and delicious and makes such a huge portion that there are time when I feel bad for eating the whole thing! This protein packed recipe comes […]