“Proper nutrition is the key to the body you want”, you hear it everywhere these days. You sit down to do your research and come up with hundreds of theories ranging from reasonable to completely outlandish. The worst part is, all of these theories claim to be the easiest and the fastest way to get you a full six pack of abs or a thigh gap. So, which do you choose? How do you know if any of them are safe? Can you really get a six pack in two weeks by just “eating this one weird food”? In short, the answer is no. However, you shouldn’t despair and go off to order a pizza because “all is lost”. Read on and learn how to lose weight, build muscle, and get a lean, defined body that you always wanted.

Change The Way You Think

Food can be your best friend or it can be your worst enemy. In the world where eating disorders and obesity are running rampant, were everyone has “the only right way to eat” and “the only diet that works” finding the right way to eat might be challenging. Building a healthy relationship with food starts with saying “NO” to all of the mainstream clichés and radical ideas out there. Think sustainable, healthy, and long term.


Having a sustainable diet means having a diet that you can maintain for a prolonged period of time with minimal effort, monetary expense, and psychological issues. Diets with severe caloric restrictions, “eating out of the box”, and instances where you absolutely have to avoid an entire food group are NOT sustainable since they require immense effort, monetary expanse, as well as some sort of physiological strain.


Your sustainable diet should be healthy. Yes, “healthy” is such a broadly defined term that it might be hard to narrow down what “healthy” truly means. For the sake of being succinct, I’m defining “healthy” as minimizing your consumption of mostly men-made foods, eating natural, whole foods as much as possible.

Long Term

If you are maintaining a sustainable and healthy diet, then you probably won’t have a problem with maintaining it long term. In fact, this section is a sort of a litmus test. If you couldn’t maintain your diet long term, either the diet was unhealthy, or it wasn’t sustainable. Reevaluate and repeat. When you approach dieting with a goal to permanently change your body composition and improve performance, that’s when you begin to see results.

Meal Prep Hacks & Tips

Learn how to meal prep like a pro. This section will help you learn, understand, and perfect the art of meal prepping and portion control.

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Change The Way You Eat

At Fierce Miles, we believe that good food will save the world. We invite you to browse our collection of recipes and read our cookbook Fierce Gourmet: A Fit Foodie’s Cookbook.

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Know Your Food

Knowing how macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) impact your body composition goals, how alcohol effects your metabolism and muscle development, what you should eat and when can help you get the results you want faster.

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